Santee Modular Homes, Inc.


Santee Debris Removal is a division of Santee Modular Homes, Inc., a bondable and fully insured construction company specializing in disaster relief efforts. With over twenty years of experience, Santee Modular Homes has been awarded federal contracts cleaning up after major disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, Floyd and Charlie to name a few. They have also received a number of state contracts after major disasters such as tornados and smaller municipal contracts dealing with the lesser damages incurred by flooding, tornados and snowstorms.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Hugo the Shuler family, struck by the devastation of their home and familial land, were like many at the time disoriented and overwhelmed by the monumental task of picking up the pieces and rebuilding. Seeing similar devastation among family, friends, and neighbors, they were inspired to take action and the seeds of a business were planted. What began as a simple stump grinding and humble pick up truck level debris removal entrepreneurship grew into the corporation that exists now. Active in states across the country and contracting with governmental agencies from federal down to small municipalities, Santee Modular Homes, Inc. (doing business as Santee Debris Removal) is now a company with generous resources at their disposal, an extensive network of subcontractors, a stable of readily available equipment to deploy, and the knowledge and training of over twenty years of experience working in disaster relief. Their extensive knowledge of the field coupled with the empathy engendered by their own experience with Hurricane Hugo has made them extraordinarily productive and successful as disaster relief and debris removal contractors.